Guest Speaking

Tips on Being a Mom and Business Owner

Watch and listen to Margie and Melissa's You Tube Live conversation as they chat about mom-preneur tips and ideas.

Margie is a stay at home mom of 2 and an entrepreneur. Melissa is a stay at home mom and has also successfully started-up an online teaching business.

They share what's worked for them as well as what they're still working on as they work to continue growing their business, raise a family, and maintain their household.

Shoutout Miami Article

Shoutout Miami is an e-magazine that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to share their stories. Their vision includes focusing on topics that are relevant to almost everyone in order to inspire important conversations within the community.

Margie's article feature focuses on her insight on becoming an entrepreneur and what makes Funshine Educational Services unique. She explains the Funshine framework which includes developing positive relationships with our students and families while building their confidence, incorporating students' interests and learning preferences, incorporating the best teaching methods as they have fun, collaboration, and celebrating growth.

Teachers Make Money Online Summit 2023

The Teachers Make Money Online Summit was created to help educators grow and scale their online Edupreneur business. This summit will help educators scale their business into a full time income.  

Margie's presentation focuses on achieving a well-balanced life. She shares several tips, strategies, tools, and techniques that will help edupreneurs juggle their business, family, and personal life while still achieving their goals in all of those areas. She also provides a fillable guide to apply the strategies, techniques, and tips that she presents including goal setting, planning actionable steps, online time management tools, and a daily planner.

Tutor Success Summit 2023

The Tutor Success Summit brings together an amazing collection of leaders that give you incredible trainings that will help you take action towards taking your tutoring business to the next level.

Margie's presentation highlights the value of relationships built with students and families. It focuses on the importance of prioritizing connection and engagement with students and families in order to increase student retention. She shares research and evidence on why relationships matter, strategies for building trust and connection, practical ways on how to build relationships, and provides a checklist for tutors to implement the strategies mentioned during the presentation.

The Reading Project Podcast

The Reading Project podcast is where Ashley helps families build stronger readers one episode at a time. 

In this episode, Margie and Ashley chat about the five questions every parent or caregiver should be asking at parent-teacher conferences.

The Homeschool Advantage Podcast

The Homeschool Advantage is connecting parents who want to homeschool, parents who have been homeschooling, teachers who are looking for an edge or new material to some of the top academies, micro-schools, co-ops and vendors.

In this episode, Bex and Margie talk about the services Funshine offers for help homeschooling families during the beginning stages of homeschooling as well as throughout. They talk about how they should not feel alone. and how they will feel supported and empowered with our guidance and help.

Would you like Margie to be a guest speaker on your podcast, summit, or at your school?